Parasite Image Library
Ascaris lumbricoides
Cryptosporidium parvum
Toxoplasma gondii
Trichinella spiralis
Taenia sp.
Paragonimus westermani
Welcome to the DPDx Parasite Image Library.  From this page you can directly access all images contained in the DPDx Web site.  Parasites and parasitic diseases are listed alphabetically and are cross-referenced.

The instructions below will help you to use the left navigation frame to access the alphabetical index.


  • Select the section of the alphabet by clicking on the desired green button on the left frame, e.g., A-F.  This will open a page showing individual buttons for each letter.  In addition, the page will show the parasites and parasitic diseases listed under the first letter of this section index.
  • Click over the desired letter.
  • Click over the desired name of the parasite or parasitic disease.


*Each thumbnail image in the vertical frame links to images for that specific parasite (the name of the parasite will appear when you put the cursor over the image.)