Pandemic Preparedness and Response - Technical and Operational Assistance in Equatorial Guinea

Under the Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project (BIMEP) in Equatorial Guinea, MCDI’s team supported the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in its national response against COVID-19 while effectively keeping essential health services functioning, including the implementation of malaria prevention and control services on Bioko island.

MCDI has provided technical and operational support to:

  1. establish a comprehensive and functioning country-level COVID-19 pandemic coordinating committee;
  2. strengthen the national surveillance and case investigation system, including a new DHIS2 contact tracing module;
  3. design and operationalize rapid response teams;
  4. develop a points of entry emergency plan and strategy for case detection;
  5. develop Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for and training of frontline health workers on case management and implementation of quarantine measures;
  6. develop and implement an infection prevention and control plan and SOPs, and training of personnel;
  7. deploy disinfection teams for publicly shared spaces
  8. establish and operate a SARS-Cov-2 laboratory testing capability in Equatorial Guinea; train laboratory personnel; design and institute logistics for sample taking; and,
  9. provide comprehensive operational and logistical support.

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