Employment Opportunities

Technical Writing Consultant

MCDI is currently conducting malaria elimination activities on Bioko Island in Equatorial Guinea in a program funded by the Government of Equatorial Guinea and Marathon Oil. This program began in 2003 and will continue through 2024. Over the passage of time, many of the manuals in use for administration and finance have become out of date. There have been singular efforts to edit these manuals, but these efforts have been disjointed and have not always reflected the organization’s overall policies. A comprehensive effort is needed to address this situation.
The scope of work for the Consultancy will include the following:
1. Combination and review of current manuals in use
2. Research and review of comparable manuals from other sources in order to identify best practices.
3. Research and review of applicable US regulations
4. Interviews with appropriate staff to identify gaps in policies and procedures.
5. Creation of final draft manuals:

1. Final draft administration manual for overseas offices
2. Final draft financial management manual for overseas offices
3. Final draft administration manual for the home office
4. Final draft procurement manual for overseas offices
5. Final draft procurement manual for the home office
NB: Any adjustments that need to be made to address national regulations in any of the countries where MCDI operates will be handled by the DO in concert with the respective national staffs.

Reporting: Consultant reports directly to the MCD’s Director of Operations.

Duration: The consultancy shall be performed from November 25, 2019 to December 31, 2019 or until the final draft manuals are submitted, whichever comes first.

Compensation: Agreed upon lumpsum payment for completion of deliverables