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Lab Manager - Equatorial Guinea

The Swiss Tropical and Public Health Institute (Swiss TPH) is a world-leading institute in global health with a particular focus on low- and middle-income countries. Associated with the University of Basel, Swiss TPH combines research, services, and education and training at the local, national and international level. They aim to improve the health and wellbeing of populations through a better understanding of disease and health systems and by acting on this knowledge

The Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project (BIMEP) was is a project founded in Equatorial Guinea 2019-2025 by The Government of Equatorial Guinea, Marathon Oil, Noble Energy, Sonagas, GEPetrol and Atlantic Methanol (AMPCO) that involves two important components – malaria control and PfSPZ Vaccine development. This initiative highlights the years of impressive progress and with the ambitious aim of elimination malaria from Bioko, a region that was once ranked amongst the highest locations in Africa for malaria transmission. The BIMEP is charged with a very ambitious, two step long-term objective that is unique for a sub-Saharan African country in the malaria heartland in the modern era: to develop and implement a realistic, evidence-based program for malaria elimination from the capital city Malabo and for all of Bioko Island. This first step leads to the much more ambitious and challenging second objective of controlling and eliminating malaria from the Equatorial Guinea mainland.

SwissTPH, in collaboration with The Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Project (BIMEP), are actively seeking a full time (until conclusion of the EGSPZV4 clinical trial) bilingual in English/Spanish Lab Manager to supervise the newly developed laboratory infrastructure located in Baney, on Bioko Island, Equatorial Guineas. The manager will be working in close collaboration with the leaderships of the Public Health Institute and the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare of Equatorial Guinea

Essential Job Functions:
• Programmatic guidance in placing the laboratory as reference laboratory for Equatorial Guinea for infectious disease surveillance
• Collaborate with international and national scientists in developing cutting-edge novel, systemic disease surveillance and response approaches for Equatorial Guinea
• Interact closely with Africa CDC in cross-border infectious diseases surveillance activities in West Africa
• Support the Ebola preparedness program of Equatorial Guinea
• Support clinical intervention studies conducted in Equatorial Guinea, including the Bioko Island Malaria Elimination Program
• Provide diagnostic laboratory services to employees of national and international oil and gas extraction industries upon demand
• Support the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare in quality control of local health care providers for diagnostic tests and medical treatment services
• Implement novel diagnostic tests for communicable and non-communicable diseases and support the local health care providers in their uptake
• Interact daily with medical staff of the Baney Hospital to support and improve patient care by providing diagnostic tests and guidance upon request
• Interact with local universities to provide educational services to medical students and nurses in the field of laboratory based diagnostic tests

Qualifications, Skills and Experience:
• MSc or PhD degree in Biology, Chemistry, Biotechnology or Medicine
• Experience in epidemiology of infectious diseases in Sub-Saharan Africa
• Experience in clinical intervention studies in poverty related diseases
• Excellent command of English and Spanish in reading, speaking and writing is a must and of French highly desirable.

Location: Bioko Island, Equatorial Guinea.
Expected Position Start Date: October 1, 2019
Position Type: Full-time

To apply, please submit:
An updated CV and cover letter (including salary expectations) via email to: mcdjobs@mcd.org. Position will be open until filled.

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