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Accounting Assistant

The International Division of Medical Care Development, MCDI was founded in 1977 with the belief that MCD’s successful approach to health systems development in the rural United States could be adapted to meet the needs of developing nations. A global non-profit organization, MCDI uses practical, evidence-based and high-impact approaches to strengthen health systems in developing countries. For almost 40 years, MCDI has worked to improve the health of vulnerable populations overseas through integrated, sustainable and locally-driven interventions. MCDI has implemented public health programs in over 40 countries aimed at targeting the world’s most vulnerable populations. MCDI collaborates with donors, national governments, the private sector, health agencies, communities and local stakeholders to improve health and save lives in the following areas: malaria control; maternal, neonatal and child health; water, sanitation and hygiene; tuberculosis; HIV/AIDS; and other communicable diseases.

We are currently looking for a part-time Accounting Assistant to join our team. The Accounting Assistant will work with a Senior Finance Manager and will be responsible for accounting data entry and verification, account reconciliations, and variance analysis. The Accounting Assistant will also engage with our overseas staff and provide our country offices with support and distance training when necessary. This is an exciting opportunity to grow in the international finance field.

The Accounting Assistant is expected to manage the financial aspects of the projects to which the assistant is assigned as well as to assist the Administrative/Financial Unit in day-to-day financial matters. The position works closely with and under the direct supervision of the Associate Finance Manager.

Essential Job Functions:

1) Field expenditure reports
a) Track submission of field expenditure reports and prompt the field office if the report is overdue.
b) Review the electronic reports and analyze for consistency and accuracy.
c) Review the scans of the supporting documentation for the electronic expense reports from the field, ensuring that they are legible.
d) Ensure that all expenditures on the electronic expense report have supporting documentation.
e) Ensure that the supporting documentation is complete.
f) Ensure that the supporting documentation conforms to the established guidelines regarding allowability and acceptability.
g) Communicate with the field office to clarify exceptions within the electronic report and/or to obtain clean copies of supporting documentation.
h) Update the field expense report SharePoint/JIRA Tasks; upload the Field expense report to SharePoint/JIRA.
i) File the electronic expense report with supporting documentation in the designated location.
j) Update the tracking sheet with expenses.
k) Validate the exchange rate in the report against the last rate from the transfer of funds.
l) Submit field expense report to the corporate office within 45 days after month end or as soon as possible

2) Procurement expenses
a) Working with the Procurement Officer, obtain all procurement expenses on a bi-weekly, or as needed basis
b) Compile the supporting documentation for all procurement expenses
c) Working with the Procurement Officer, ensure that all vendors are paid within the deadlines established in the purchase and sales agreement
d) File the electronic procurement expense report with supporting documentation in the designated location.
e) Enter the expenses into the project tracking sheet.

3) Home Office Expenses
a) Compile the home office monthly expenses; these expenses include (but are not limited to) communications, supplies, travel, procurement, salaries, etc.
b) Work with the other finance and administration staff (the Procurement Officer, HR, and the Assistant Office Administrator) to resolve any issues with coding and/or supporting documentation.
c) File the electronic expense report with supporting documentation in the designated location.
d) File all timesheets for salaried staff with the supporting documentation; this includes home office staff, field expatriate staff, and field national staff
e) Enter the expenses into the project tracking sheet.

4) Data entry and cross-verification/Bank account reconciliations
a) Enter the data from the electronic expense reports into the project’s tracking sheet.
b) Enter the data in the logs that are maintained for tracking field expense reports, bank statements, bank reconciliations, and the submission of supporting documentation.
c) When supporting documentation originals are received from the field, cross verify with the scanned documentation and the electronic report to ensure that all expenses have been captured and that the documentation is complete.
d) When the bank statement is received, cross verify with the expense report to ensure that the expenses reported match the relevant bank transactions.
e) When the bank statement is received, cross verify with the field general ledger to ensure that the information is accurate and has been completely captured
f) Verify that tracking sheet matches up with the BlackBaud reports
g) Following the established desktop procedures (“SOPs”), perform monthly account reconciliations
h) If discrepancies exist, report to the Finance Officer via the excel tracking sheet and a task.

5) Invoice/report preparation
a) Enter the relevant financial data in the invoice or report template provided
b) Through the reconciliation process, ensure that all expenses have been captured in the invoice/report, as well as any other financial data the donor may require on an ad hoc basis
c) Track payments of invoices, ensuring that payments match the invoiced amounts

6) Wire transfers
a) Under the supervision of the Finance Officer and following the desktop procedures (SOPs) for wire transfers, collect all the necessary documentation to process wire transfers.
b) Enter all the relevant data in the wire transfer database.
c) Compile the necessary documentation and submit to Finance Officer for review and signature.
d) After collecting the required signatures, transmit to Corporate Financial Services

7) Fiscal Audit
a) In January of every year, assist the corporate finance team to prepare for the organization’s annual audit as requested.
b) Working with the corporate finance team and project management staff, assemble file of all contractual deliverables, including reports or other work product that were due during the period being audited.
c) With the project management staff, review program implementation over the period and take note of any substantive changes or issues that arose over the course of implementation.

8) Communications and reporting
a) Maintain contact with donor’s financial management staff
b) Maintain contact with the field finance team
c) Maintain contact with the Finance Officer and the Corporate Finance staff via regularly scheduled meetings and as needed via Skype/HipChat/zoom/email or phone
d) SharePoint/JIRA is to be used for managing all internal workflows
e) Check e-mail on a daily basis and frequently throughout the day
f) Response to all communications must be rapid and accurate

Qualifications, skills and experience
1. Bachelor’s or associate’s degree in accounting or finance, or 3 years’ related accounting, bookkeeping or finance experience
2. Hands-on experience in budgeting and financial monitoring; financial management
3. Excellent computer skills (Word, Excel, Outlook), including expertise in Excel as a financial management tool
4. Detail-oriented with accurate data entry skills
5. Excellent communication skills, verbal and written
6. Ability to work both independently and as a member of a team
7. Excellent time management and organizational skills
8. Ability to meet deadlines is a must

1. Familiarity with U.S. Government grant and contracts regulations (USAID), OMB, African Development Bank, and World Bank regulations is an advantage
2. International experience or experience with international development work a plus
3. Familiarity with Financial Edge/Blackbaud software
4. Ability to speak French, Spanish, or Portuguese also a plus

MCDI is an equal opportunity employer and deeply values diversity, inclusiveness, empowerment and collaboration.

Position: Entry level
Location: Maryland, Remote
Projected start date: Immediately

Application Requirements
NOTE: All applicants must be authorized to work in the United States.

To apply, please submit the following:
• an updated CV and cove letter (including salary expectations)

Applications should be sent to