Reproductive, Maternal, Newborn, & Child Health

Le Grand Sud Family Planning Integration Project

Location: Madagascar

Donor: Flexible Fund

Duration: 2006 - 2008

MCDI implemented a three-year family planning integration project that targeted the province of Fianarantsoa in southern Madagascar, also known as "Le Grand Sud." The project focused specifically on the districts of Ihosy, Iakora, and Ivohibe. These districts are located south of the forest corridor of Andringitra, a priority conservation area for USAID and donors such as the African Development Bank (AfDB).

MCDI integrated the project's family planning services into the AfDB-funded three-year Water and Sanitation Project that MCDI was carrying out in the same districts. To achieve project objectives, MCDI increased access to quality family planning services including implementing a community-based contraceptive/condom distribution program, developing the capacities of formal and informal health centers and improving knowledge of safe reproductive health practices.

The project also included a Behavior Change Communication (BCC) component through mass media campaigns and Community Health Volunteers. CHVs trained local women to serve as VISA mothers (Visiting, Identifying, Sensitizing and Accompanying) who facilitated community mobilization approaches by visiting village households and disseminating best practices about family planning and reproductive health. Key program messages on family planning were developed in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and the National Information, Education and Communication (IEC) task force.

Throughout the lifespan of the project, 221,808 community members received better access to quality family planning services and were informed of safe reproductive health practices.

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