Employment Opportunities

The professional staff of MCDI is comprised of individuals with an array of expertise salient to health sector interventions. The staff includes senior public health physicians, health economists, health planners, human resource management specialists, health facilities and equipment specialists, GIS programmers, et al. The staff is uniquely diverse with representatives from approximately 12 countries, all working with a shared vision; language capability associated with this diversity is operative. Most of the professional staff has worked for or with major international donor agencies, including but not limited to the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the US Agency for International Development, the Pan-American Health Organization, and the UN.

Staff expertise is supplemented by senior consultants available through MCDI's affiliations with universities, private consulting firms, and technical centers throughout the world. Ongoing relationships are maintained in countries where MCDI is present. The basis of MCDI's success is the strength of its professional staff and consultants working together and combining their professional skills under a joint leadership. MCDI staff brings to international projects a cultural sensitivity that it has gained through cross-cultural experience and collaboration with host-country professionals around the world. Many staff work in remote areas of the world, hence, training local counterparts has been an important factor in the success that MCDI has achieved in project implementation. Equally important is the ability of Headquarters staff to respond quickly and to provide support to the ever-changing needs of field staff and to developments in the field. Some of the firm's best work has been in the multi-disciplinary design and supervision of projects implemented in culturally complex and physically challenging environments.